Amazingly, I can click your profile, but I don't see any way to send you a private message! Surely someone will explain how I can send a private message to you!


I really appreciate your post in my ticket / help discussion! You mentioned an example, but Sharky deleted you. Bad Sharky! Bad Sharky! Let those humans help each other! It's good for them! 


I've been told I can put a flash player on my site, I'll be finding out how to do that, and if I can put my handy dandy .swf animations places I'll be tickled pink! Meanwhile, I reeeeally had originally designed my forum so that people could put not only sounds, but background images BELOW text, all making a rich multimedia experience. The WellBeingCreativity link on Givnology.com shows examples. 


I'm eager to see what example you mentioned, and I'm just glad a human was nice enough to make a suggestion! There IS intelligent life on this planet! Yay! Thanks.



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Hi Teo


Yes I did delete my post as I tried adding a sound file via an attachment. However it was only recognised as an ordinary file rather than an audio file and therefore did not work.

I deleted it as it would merely have caused confusion.


It is not clear what audio formats, if any, are supported through the attachments.


I've added a short music sample as an attachment. However if you click on it, I think you will find it doesn't work at all.




El Loro

I've just worked out how to do it.

I've got a converter which converts a wma file to a mp3 file.

So I've just converted the above file to a mp3 file

and here it is.


It isn't embedded in the post but is shown as an attachment at the bottom of the post.


Please note that you would need to check which Hoop.la packages support this. The forum I belong to does not support video or audio files, just photographs.




El Loro

Hi Lori,

Always nice to see you here helping us forumaestros! El Loro, these are the exact issues I'm looking at, but way back when, Lori can attest to it, I started bugging the socialstrata people to let me: 1) embed sounds which of course takes BOTH embed and BGSound because of the general browser types, 2) backgrounds which can go in tables, therefore behind text or anything else.. I remember putting a christmas tree in the background, and smilies on top of it as if they were ornaments  but as democracy has to follow the herd (not the heard like me squeaking loudly!!!) EwTube videos is the only embedding or sound or multimedia possible in most cases. How democratic! then 3) as an instructor, and music provider, I have made great usage of a tag called REFRESH which amazingly no one uses at all. It allows after say one verse of a poem, to automatically open the next page, next verse, or next instruction, but that is a tag or HTML command that I'm sure server folks call the devil because "it jerks the servers" Uncle Bob once told me.


Of course I can do all of this in HTML, and I have macros create my HTML that can have all these things I want. But my poet, visual and other media artist friends have grown to love the community-type features in these forums, notifications, private messages, great layouts and such. 


I think my days of making my forum a multimedia environment for my guests is over, but that's fine, I've evolved into creating books of scores and now have 5 fine books, more in the making, and my multimedia-authoring-system design will stay nicely packed up in the closet until it's next incarnation. 


As far as attached audio files: Of course I want to be able to upload (just me not necessarily others) my audio files, then have nice tables and lists, playlists if you like, and be able to give people easy to use URLs like givnology.com/book1/opus1.mid so that if I ever get to promoting my music to Bobby McFarrin, John Williams or producers like I should, they can easily access my music. The amazingly long links like the one your attachment had, well I can't very well put that in an email and expect it to work with parsing and other issues. I'll probably have to upload them myself, which is what I do anyway. What I would have liked, was the ability to have the sound start up automatically - unless a user has turned automatic sounds off - and the users that want sounds, imagine yoga instructions kapitsch? Spoken 12 asanas of Sun Salutation, or meditative music background, or just images - 12 different pages each maybe 15-30 seconds apart.


Whatever features Hoopdy.la offers I'm sure I'll push the envelope, snoop around and find other similar sights and evolve with the rest of us forumatons, creating ever more entertaining and educating fun sites and sights. Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated! 


Hi Brian,


That is veeery helpful as well! Are all the links hashed up like El Loro's? Of course what I really want is a database where I can customize my song lists. This example can show you all what I mean by customized song lists:




I will probably redo that same setup, I would let people email lists except that spammers always figure out some way to ruin CGI codes (dang!!!!) and mail server calls. You can see the list is sortable, so a producer or McFarrin type can sort by style, tempo, vocals, length, genre or whatever fields I decide to use. This would only be a great feature for composers or music mixers who have hundreds of pieces to submit to people.. hmm.. the DJ market! As if I want to put my Mozart next to Bare Naked Ladies or something GQGKL%J#(A*@$ anyway I'll probably do all of that myself, and once I get into my new digs, Who-p.la, I'll find other questions..


Thanks googols to you all! Love ya'!



Hey Lori, and Loro.. this is funny!


I reeeeally appreciate all you all've done! In addition to the archive.. correctly here I think:




I just last night (is 1230 AM still last night?) figured out some awesome ways to hot-wire.. I mean professionally customize file lists! Lookie:




Neato hum? I even left the link to how to do it with .htaccess programming, see? I like to give credit! But you can see the icons and descriptions are a real plus! 


I'm willing to leap into Hoop.la and see how fun it is trying to push the envelope there.. I've backed up all my "web services" in Givnology.com and well? Hope it all goes well and I'll continue raving about your services and fun people!




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