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All of the calendar downloads will be relative to the time zone of the individual downloading it.

What this means is that if the site is set to pacific time, and an event occurs at noon pacific, the person who is on eastern time will download the calendar event set to 3:00PM eastern.  It is still the same time of day, but it is relative to the person viewing it.  The first thing to check is that they are showing the correct time zone in their personal settings.

You can see your personal time zone https://members.thegrantscolle...g/member-cp/settings

Now, there have been issues in the past with specific versions of Outlook not assigning the correct time zones to the calendar events, and you did specify Outlook.   Once you've verified that the personal settings are correct, can you let us know which version(s) of Outlook that they are seeing issues with, please?

Dave Dreezer
Hi Dave,

Thanks for responding this is what our members say:

"My timezone setting on the platform is correct already. This was also an issue when adding the iCal meeting too. My Outlook is the current Outlook for Office 365 64-bit version. Paula is using Office Home and Business 2013 (and the add to calendar didn’t actually add it in her case – there is nothing showing for today after she added the event).”

It sounds like iCal is an issue as well.

Please advise.

> On Jun 26, 2019, at 12:12 PM, Social Strata <> wrote:
Robert Nelson

Hi Robert,

Here is a sample calendar file.  It's the event that you gave me, just modified slightly. Can you ask your two members to try it and see if the event is added for them, please?

I've set the base time zone for America/Denver manually.  Let's first see if it is added at all, and then if so for what time.


Dave Dreezer
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