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Hi Rich,

We don't have a  update to provide at this time. We'll be sure to let you know if/when the status changes, but I don't have an ETA as to when it might be available.

If you're interested in having us do some investigation into our backend logs, we can do that as part of paid Professional Services. If you're interested in that, feel free to submit a separate, private support topic with details.

Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!


Brian Lenz

Hi @John in Houston,

We actually don't do any work on a pay-as-you-go basis anymore. The "feature expedite" option I mentioned above is no longer available.

Instead, we gauge and measure all customer feedback and requests alongside industry demands and overall platform improvements in determining our development priorities. This particular request hasn't made it to the top to be scheduled for imminent work, so I still don't have any definite comment as to if/when it might become available. It is a feature we are tracking internally, and we'll be sure to post back here if anything changes!

You've done the right thing by voting on this suggestion and providing feedback 



Brian Lenz

We're coming up on SIX YEARS since I made the original request for this. I think it's now safe to assume it is not going to happen.

I just wish you guys could spend some time out here in the trenches administering a large, active forum. I'll bet this would jump up on the list after a couple of weeks.

Rich Melvin

In MY case, we have six volunteer admins who moderate our 6,000-member car club forum.  New member approvals are not an issue, as one admin alone is assigned that duty.  But content moderation (usually some member being reported by another member for violation of the terms of service) needs to be addressed right away.  Which ever admin happens to see the moderation request first usually handles it.  But...  then all the record of the moderation is gone!  For every content and member moderation request, all the admins need to be able to see:

  1. The original comment or post that was reported
  2. Who made the report and what was their stated concern to the moderator
  3. Which admin moderated and what decision was made
  4. What additional communication was made to the reporter
  5. What has been the reporting history of this reporter (are they constant nitpickers)?
  6. What additional communication was made to the poster/commenter
  7. What has been the moderation history of this poster/commenter (are they constant trouble-makers)?
  8. What helpful comments could the admin add ONLY for other admins

Without this capability, we either a) live in ignorance of what happened and miss the opportunity to improve the experience for all the members or b) we have to interrupt all the admins to try to document who did what and why -- a function the platform should do for us automatically.

Does that make sense?



John has made an very good list of issues in his post, and most of them apply to us as well.

  • We've had a few instances where a member has posted something a bit controversial on the forum. Then, when the member is challenged on what he's posted, he edits his post and completely changes it to say something else entirely. And then denies he changed anything.

  • We've had instances where posts were deleted, but none of our admins did the deletion. We have things set so members cannot delete their own posts, yet that appears to have happened in the past.

  • Moderation history on specific members would be VERY helpful. As a group our 20,000+ members are pretty well behaved. But there are always a few who are "high maintenance".


I'll keep my fingers crossed...

Rich Melvin

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