I work on a mac platform and coded accordion panels into a blog page. They work wonderfully until a pc user from our group tries to make an update to the code. The code appears to be fine when they switch to the WYSIWYG mode until they click the update button. When the page is updated some of the opening and closing tags get replaced with the less than (< and greater than (> syntax. See the attached image.

I had the user try making the update using a different browser and we still had the same issue. Please advise because it's important that I'm not the only user able to make these updates.


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Hi, Mindy:

At the moment, we don't support dl, dd or dt elements (unless the user has the administrative permission "Use Any HTML/Javascript"), but we've put a ticket in to support the elements in a future release. I don't know when that release will happen, but we'll report back here when it's available to you.

Note that the HTML/Javascript permission is administrative for security purposes, so unless your user is already an admin, you'll want to wait until the release is out.


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