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I have yet another question about renewing Premium Memberships.  When a user goes to LiveCloud Site Payment at  to renew, it asks for an email, which is used as their LiveCloud ID.  What if they have changed their email on our system, does their LiveCloud ID automatically change?  Or would they have to enter their old email?


What happens if someone can't remember their old email address? 

Does the Lost Password feature - if it worked  - would that give them their LiveCloud ID?



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Hi Carol,


The LiveCloud account associated with the premium memberships is a separate account from your users' account.  As a result, if a user changes his/her email address on your site, it will not in any way impact their LiveCloud ID/email address.  Users should use whatever original LiveCloud ID/email they used when they signed up for their LiveCloud account.


Note that users can always change their LiveCloud account ID by logging in to and updating their email address.


If they can't remember their old email address, then there's not really an automated option to recover the account.  There's no other automated way to recover an account aside from your account email address.  If this does happen to one of your premium members, however, you can have them put in a support ticket here, and we will be able to assist them in the manual account recovery process.  We will be able to look up their LiveCloud account that is associated with their SitePay premium membership account.


Hope that helps!



Brian Lenz
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