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Hello there, I have two private free forums which folks request access from me. Everyone is given automatic access upon request. This step help's them be more aware that they are entering a restricted area.


However, I'm finding this quite time consuming to allocate the permissions.


These forums are restricted as the content could be potentially triggering for visitors who might come upon them by accident e.g. issues around sex and suicide.


Do you have any alternatives that could you suggest?





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Hello Suzanne,


Using permissions to prevent users from viewing the forum, not really.  There is no automated way to get the users into the group.  You may want to consider not requiring permissions to access the forums and instead use javascript to warn the users when they enter it for the first time that the forum contains explicit conversations about subject matter that may trigger unwelcome feelings.


And to proceed with caution.


Once you display the message you could use a cookie in the users browser to prevent the message from coming up again.  The main issue with this is that all users will get the message the first time that they access any of these forums with a new browser/computer, or whenever they clear their cookies.


I will continue to think about this and if something else comes to mind I will be sure to let you know...





Jonmark @ Crowdstack

Hi Jonmark, yes, it means going into the back end and adding their name and then PM'mg them or emailing back as they access me three different ways. Not such a big deal except it's a five to ten minute interruption of my day. It's also in checking my PM's - daily - which is a hassle in itself as I have two - one for MyShrink Editor and one for me as Shrinklady. (I intended on getting someone to help me manage so they can be MyShrink Editor at times.)


Thanks for the idea of the javascript warning. That might work for the one. Although, if I got a warning like that -- I would then just have to have a peek!


I think because one of them requires a reading of the Guidelines (the sucide one), the current setup is best.


Thanks for your help,



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