I'm still trying to work with a developer so that our site can be more user friendly. One urgent need is for our site to be ADA compliant. After meeting with a developer team the other day, they said the following:

"Here's a list of what we'd want Crowdstack to provide and what we could do to satisfy the ADA checklist here: https://www.civicplus.com/blog/ce/ada-compliance-checklist#3

Stuff we'd need from Crowdstack:
- Image alt text
- Element tabIndex
- Navigation skip links
- Semantic HTML (headings, nav)
- Screen-reader friendly HTML (clearly separate content from function, make functional HTML skippable)
- No empty links
- Button and link naming
- Labels on all form input
- Language tags in HTML
- Form validation errors as markup
- Minimize redundant links

Stuff we can do:
- Font size, font color, background contrast
- Focus states
- Font scaling while zoomed
- Remove underlined non-links"

Is this possible to get from you all? We are having trouble figuring out how to get the site we need using the Crowdstack software since there's not much available to adjust. We looked at the examples you sent me: Penny Hoarder and Asthma foundation. We are struggling because we want crowdstack software for our blogs AND our community. Penny Hoarder uses it for only the community section, so the site switches over when you click community. Asthma uses blogs too but if you have insight on how we can do that, that would be really helpful. Thanks! Alison

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Hi @Alison Cebulla,

We don't have any imminent changes in our development pipeline focused on the areas you've mentioned. It will be helpful if you can provide more specifics about the issues you're running into.

Some initial comments/questions on your list:

  • Image alt text
    • Many images have alt text, but it's possible not all do. If you have specific examples, that may help.
  • Element tabIndex
    • Often the browser's default tabindex ordering is sufficient based on the order of input fields on the form. What specifically are your needs here?
  • Navigation skip links
    • Please provide more details on the issue + solution.
  • Semantic HTML (headings, nav)
    • Crowdstack does use semantic HTML.
  • Screen-reader friendly HTML (clearly separate content from function, make functional HTML skippable)
    • Are there specific issues you're seeing?
  • No empty links
    • I'm not aware of any such issue in Crowdstack.
  • Button and link naming
    • Please explain?
  • Labels on all form input
    • This is almost universally true in Crowdstack, but there are quite possibly places that don't have labels due to UI constraints.
  • Language tags in HTML
    • What's your specific request here?
  • Form validation errors as markup
    • Please explain?
  • Minimize redundant links
    • Do you have examples of such redundant links?

In the meantime, I'll convert this to a suggestion for you so that it can be voted on by the community, which helps us to gauge overall demand for customer requests.



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