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I am the administrator for the Eve Community - - and I just discovered that I cannot edit any post (including my own) nor reply to any message thread.  What has happened to "black ball" me from Administrator status on the forum for which I'm the designated leader?
Rev. Bill Berry Administrator, Battle Plan Ministry Forums
Rev. Bill Berry
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Hi, Bill:

Is it possible that you have more than one user?  I know that I have one with administrator permissions, and one without, so I can mimic the user experience if necessary. If that's not the issue, try logging out on the machine that doesn't recognize you, and logging back in.  If that doesn't work, try clearing the browser cache.
Hello Bill,

The issue with the other machine could also be a javascript issue.  Meaning that the user may have administrative rights, but for some reason the computer you are on is not activating the tools through javascript (which is how we show and hide the tools).

Could you try manually going to the control panel with the machine that does not think you are an admin, to see if the application also thinks you are not an admin?


Jonmark @ Crowdstack
Hey guys,

I'm the other person with admin rights / permission for

I just worked with Bill to resolve the issue with no positive results.  Here is what we did:

1. Using Windows Expolore Browser, cleared temp files, and history.

2. Re-accessed the forums, I was able to post my own reply, edit that reply. Edit Bills post on a topic, also access the control panel.

3. Bill was only able to access the forum, he was able access the control panel and post a topic. He is not able to edit mine or his postings nor reply. Then he re-booted the laptop, tried again, with the same results.  He's running Windows Vista 32bit.  Ideas ?
I thank my Co-Administrator and friend, Dave, for his help and for the two, obviously knowledgeable folks who've tried to help. 

It is very curious to me that the system recognizes my ID/password; and when I'm our Forum community - - it allows me to pull up the control panel or to enter the Moderator's Forum, which says to me that the system recognizes me as an Administrator with Moderator Permissions.  Yet, I cannot do what any forum member can do on my laptop ... and that is to edit or delete my own messages, let alone edit some one elses; and I cannot even reply to any message thread.

That says to me that the problem is in my laptop, which is a Sony Vaio, Vista, 32 Bit system, as Dave let you know.  And yet on my Dell upright PC, which is a much older system I can do all the things I need to do as a forum administrator or moderator. 

Any more help or suggestions are most welcome and needed.   ... Befuddled Billy
Rev. Bill Berry
April ... thanks for caring enough to provide a very good suggestion.  Sometimes the best thing to do is the most obvious.   But I did think of that; and I've also rebooted the laptop (where I'm having the problem) as well.   What I can't figure out is why the system recognizes me as having Administrator permissions, because it lets me into the Control Panel (which only forum administrators can do); and then once in our Eve Community, it lets me into the Moderator Forum, which I established for only those with Moderator credentials.   Then, when I've created a new discussion message thread, the system will not let me even edit/delete my own message or even reply to a message thread, which any forum member can do.  I'm still befuddled and await any insightful suggestions ... Thanks again ... Bill

Rev. Bill Berry
Yes, Jonmark, when I sign-in to our Eve Community on my Dell PC, I can do all the things which my Administrator permissions allow me ... [1] go to the Control Panel, [2]to manage members, [3] edit/delete posts (my own and others, and [4] to enter our Moderator's Forum (for our community.  However when I sign on (with the same email ID/password) on my Vaio Laptop, I can do 1, 2, and 4 above (and some other functions); but I can't enter the "Edit" icon or even open a reply to any message thread, functions which any member can do.   

Something is blocking those functions; and you can read what we've done on/to my laptop to correct this weird blockage problem.  I stand ready to try to do whatever you all ask me to do to correct this issue, which will severely hamper me when I need the portability of my laptop when I travel and try to be the administrator of our community.   Thanks for any help you can offer ... Bill Berry
Rev. Bill Berry
Hey David and Bill,

Finally, to confirm one more thing: David, you logged into your account on Bill's laptop and were able to do all of the things that bill is for some reason prevented from doing?  Is that correct?

Do the functions that you are prevented from doing even show up on the page, or are they missing entirely?  If they do display do you get an error when trying to do them or something else?
Jonmark @ Crowdstack
Jonmark ... My friend David is right.  He has Administrator privileges in our community as a Co-Administrator.  And he has been able to do all the things I'm having trouble with. ... Now ... no, I have not added or changed any software prior to this problem cropping up on my laptop. ... When I try to hit the edit icon or the reply key, I get a little clicking noise and an indicator that an error is blocking what I'm trying to do; and I simply am blocked in trying to edit/delete a message or to reply to any message.  I will await feedback from my friend David here locally, not totally understanding what "diagnostic" you're referring to, Jonmark (or David).  I'll await more feedback and I stand ready to do whatever it takes to get this corrected; and I really appreciate you staying with me (us) on this, Jonmark. ... Bill

Rev. Bill Berry

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The good news is that you will be able to use your laptop for administering your forums.  It could be an issue with the browser (we'll figure out what's causing this issue).  In the mean time, a possible solution is to use an alternate web browser.  You could try downloading firefox and see if that'll get you the immediate access that you would like.
April Leone
Best Solution
Bill has tried clearing his browser caches and I believe his cookies.  If nothing else he has logged in and out several times, and another moderator logged into the site on Bills laptop and experienced the same problem.  I dont think that cookies have anything to do with it.  I suspect its a Javascript problem on the browser on the laptop preventing the links from working properly.

Both of the affected links Bill mentions use Javascript to load a popup window.
Jonmark @ Crowdstack
WEll, my friends ... my problem seems to be solved ... I've tried the pop-up blocker settings change ... even turned them off ... to no avail; but I just downloaded Mozilla Firefox; and when I use that browser in in lieu of IE ... bingo!  Works fine.  So, as soon as I can discover how to make Firefox my default browser it will be Sayonnara IE on my laptop ... Thanks to all of you for your help ... Bill
Rev. Bill Berry
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