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Hi, I've mentioned this issue before, but I am going to mention it again, because, for a very long time, it has been a generator of A LOT of extra blog post editing time for me. It seems that whenever one edits in the normal text mode, a " ” for a space is added into the source code. The text can look fine in text editing mode, but  once posted, these stray " ”s introduce mid-line line breaks into the copy -  that appear or don't appear depending on the width of the screen on which you are browsing. Needless to say, to ensure that the copy reads as it should on every screen/device, it is a very time-consuming process to clear out all the " ”s that appear in the code on every post. It took me over an hour to do this on my last post, and then I had to check it on multiple devices. 

I have never had this issue with any other site I maintain, so it seems like something that needn't be occurring and causing site managers (who care about how things look) on this platform so much extra time.

Thanks in advance for fixing this issue this time.

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Hi Julie-

I just tested and was unable to replicate the issue. I was able to edit a blog post and had no extraneous characters introduced in my post.  (I've also never experienced this before when I have have edited posts in general.)

Can you provide a bit more info about how/when this happens, so we can try to figure out what the problem is?  Does this always happen whenever you edit?  What browser are you using?  When you edit, are you copying and pasting copy from another source, perhaps, or are you simply typing your changes with no pasting? Do you have any examples we can see?

The more information you can provide, the better chance we have of figuring out what is causing the problem for you.


Ted @ Crowdstack

I posted a trouble ticket on this years ago (so you might want to search for it); you (someone there) told me to manually delete all the  's, so I've been doing that for years, but it is way too time-consuming. It happens all the time. It happens whenever I edit content that is already in the editor (either pasted or previously typed there directly). I'll have to find a new example (or screenshots from an old one), as I have spent hours cleaning up old posts. I view in several different browsers (Safari and Chrome being the most frequently used),  and on two different device (Mac PC and iPhone). It can look fine on my Mac, but when I go to my iPhone (a different width screen), issues can emerge. When I go into the code to check, invariably there is one of those characters in the line where the break occurs. When I delete it, the break goes away. However, just because it looks clean on my two devices does not mean it's clean on every other device. On my last post, it looked good after extensive cleaning on both of my devices, but when a colleague viewed it, she saw two weird line breaks. Sure enough, I missed deleting  's near those spots.


These characters are sometimes in the copy that comes to me before I edit it. I think most of my contributors compose in word or other documents and then copy it in. But, I most always introduce more of these characters whenever I edit (add or delete) in an area once the text is in the editor.


I found this old support ticket that you created a few years ago (I assume this is what you are referring to):

I know that pasting copy in from other sources can often times introduce special characters that can throw off the WYSIWYG editor, so that may account for some of the issues. Though it sounds like you are experiencing this even in standard editing scenarios.

I'm not sure why you are having so many problems, but we'll see if we can surface any issues by doing some more testing. We also have plans to update/improve the WYSIWYG editor in the future.

Ted @ Crowdstack

Yes, I have the trouble even with standard editing. When the text is copied in, it is usually pretty clean to start. As noted above, when I insert or delete anything, these characters almost always get introduced.

Here's an example from yesterday (related to this post: https://cookieconnection.julia...nge-42-stained-glass). After everything in this post looked good to me on my MacBook Pro and iPhone 11 in Safari, my contributor spotted these weird line breaks (she was viewing on a PC / Windows 10 / Chrome Version 85.0.4183.102). See screenshot (the two lower circled areas are the ones related to this issue). I went back into the html  code, and found those characters in each of the affected sentences. When I took them out the early line breaks/lapping were fixed. 



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We experience this too. Blog or forums. If you start editing, you wind up with a lot of  . We draft and edit blogs in a hidden forum. One way to reproduce is to start editing and insert into a sentence. As soon as there is two spaces, one gets turned into a non breaking space. It's very tedious to go through and clean the code before publishing. 

Almost anything copied goes in a span even if there is no style applied. We strip these out do it's not loading extra code. 


Hi @Julie Usher and @GidgetKat,

We are going to see about making improvements to the parsing in an upcoming release to try to automate the removal of some of the unnecessary non-breaking spaces. I did want to mention specifically that there are cases where using non-breaking spaces is absolutely necessary. For example, if you use two spaces after the end of a sentence, there must be a non-breaking space in that case. This is necessary in order to ensure that the post appears with two spaces between the sentences. Any other scenarios where there are multiple, consecutive spaces will similarly require the use of non-breaking spaces. That behavior won't be changing.

The scenario where we will look to improve things is when there is a non-breaking space that could effectively be replaced by a simple, single space, which I think is the main concern being raised here.

I just wanted to clarify these differences to make sure they were understood 



Brian Lenz

Great. Our site style guide doesn’t call for two spaces at the end of sentences, so that’s a non-issue for me. So many of these characters get added every time I edit a post from whatever source; this adds about an hour of cleanup to every post to purge them.


Hi @Julie Usher and @GidgetKat,

I wanted to let you know that as part of today's release, we've included the improvement I mentioned above that should remove unnecessary   entities from being included in your posts. Hopefully this helps save you time and frustration going forward!

Note that this change is not retroactive, so all existing posts in the system will remain unchanged. Only new posts (and edits) going forward will have this improvement.

Hope this helps!


Brian Lenz
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