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Is it possible to set up a Premium Membership without charging a fee?

I want to give certain permissions to read forums only to premium members - which would be free for the moment but to change to pay at a later time.

Could you set up different levels of premium membership?

Alec Dorling ✅
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You can "comp" or discount certain members so they aren't paying anything, but you can't have a zero dollar premium membership fee.

You can also simply set up permissions without using premium memberships, to restrict access as you wish. When you set up a custom Role, you can call it whatever you like, so for example, you could set up a "VIP" Role and give that role access to a specific forum, without using the payment system, and then down the road switch to a paid model.

In Crowdstack Pay, you can only have one "level" of paid membership.

Rosemary O'Neill

Hi, Alec:

You might be interested in this Knowledge Base article. That will give you details, but basically you would create your Role, add permissions, and then you can invite members to that Role directly from the Role itself (Settings>Roles). If the invitee is not already a member of your Crowdstack, you can invite them by entering the email address in that screen.


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