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Hello John,


On Eve there is really no way to allow a member who is just a forum moderator to control who can access the forum like that.  In order to restrict access to a forum the way you describe you would need to have a Permission Group with access to the forum, and then add members who you want to participate in that forum to that Permission Group.


The reason that this does not lend itself to your scenario is that the ability to add members to a Permission Group requires Super Administrative permissions to your site.  This is because if you can add members to a group you could effectively grant any member on the site any permission that is currently assigned to a group.  Which obviously can be very dangerous, so we restrict that ability to only the most powerful and trusted members of a community "Super Admins".


Hope this helps, and if any other options come to mind we will be sure to post back with details.





Jonmark @ Crowdstack
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