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I just want to pick your brilliant minds on something:

I've got a subgroup I'll be creating for one of our partners. Their main purpose in using this group is essentially run two main topic forums. There's topic A - which will be it's own world with a bunch of different forum threads. Then there's Topic B - which will be it's own world with a bunch of different forum threads.

My understanding is that in a subgroup, folks can create Forum topic posts - but I don't see an option to stick them to specific collections or categories. Am I mistaken? If there was a collection option, that would be the solution. Maybe I'm missing it. Thoughts?

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Hi @AaronW,

You can create multiple forums in Subgroups, so it sounds like that's the solution. In your Subgroup control panel, go to Settings -> Forums -> Forum Settings. By default, you'll just have a single forum for simplicity ("Topic A" in your case). In order to support multiple forums, from this page, click the Add Forum button at the top right of the page. Enter the details for your new forum ("Topic B"). Once you've done this, you'll now how two forums in the Subgroup: one for Topic A and one for Topic B. You can divide them up as appropriate with permissions (for both viewing and posting) as necessary.

Does that help?


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