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Is there a way to add a phrase to this list so if someone puts the exact phrase in, it will go to the moderation queue automatically.  Let's say we want to approve content regarding a specific property/company, lets say, "Villa XYZ".  We can't moderate just Villa because that appears to many times.  And we don't want to moderate "XYZ" either b/c that too can appear, alone, in multiple contexts but we want to specifically have control over the phrase.  Is that possible with moderation triggers?


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There is currently no way to do this in Eve because of the way that we store and read trigger words.  This is an interesting idea, and something I know we have talked about in the past.  I will put in a feature suggestion so that we can review whether we would like to add this as a feature change in a future release.


Jonmark @ Crowdstack
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