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Hi, I need to publish a blog post, but I'm receiving error messages.

I don't know what triggers them but one of them shows up as soon as I try to publish the post. It says the post must not have over 500k characters, which it clearly doesn't. The post I'm trying to make is way shorter.

Another error message is saying that the form is invalid.

I tried to log in and out and clear cache and cookies. I'm using Google Chrome.

Attaching screenshots, but please be aware that it's in German.

It would be great if you could help me with this issue!




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Hi @Ksenia Shevchenko,

I assume you are trying to upload/attach images into your post, is that right? Did you drag and drop the images into the post by chance? If so, sometimes that can result in the raw image data being included in the post instead of being properly uploaded to Crowdstack's server (which is why the character limit is being reached). I would recommend the following steps to try to correct the problem:

  1. Remove any images and attachments from the post.
  2. Try to save the post as a draft. This should work at this point.
  3. Click to edit the draft you just saved.
  4. Use the Add Attachments link to upload the images to your post.
  5. Once uploaded, you can use the option to automatically insert the images into the post, at which point you can drag and drop them into the proper spot in your post.

Is there any chance that you had the posting form open for an extended period of time (e.g. many hours)? If so, that's the likely cause of the "invalid form" error. It's best to iteratively save drafts as opposed to keeping the posting form open for an extended period of time to avoid session timeout issues.

Give this a shot and let me know if you have any luck!



Brian Lenz
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