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We have been using Eve forums for quite some time and have had enough turnover that we are left with no accounts that have Super Admin permissions. There are likely old user accounts that have them, but we aren't able to access them. Is it feasible to prove my ownership of the product and get added as one so that we can set up a supportable long-term process?

Thank you,

Andy Markham

VP, Engineering @

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Hi, Andy:

Looks like the last contact we had was John Harper...and it sounds like he's gone, now?

You can verify your ownership of the account by a letter on letterhead, if that works for you. You can attach it to this ticket (a PDF), or send it to me directly at The letter should just simply say that you have authority to be granted ownership of the account.

Once we have that, we can set the Primary Admin to the registered user of your choice--we'll just need the Display Name of the user.

Will that work for you?


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