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Would really like to be able to re-order posts in a topic "newest post first."  

There are many topics that are not discussions but more like "lists" which people are adding to and therefore it would be nice to see "newest first" rather than have to scroll down through many posts.

I'm adding a second option to "keep" the original post in the topic at the top. It could be visually identified as the O.P.


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Thanks for the suggestion, Neil. We support sorting some other types of content in Crowdstack by "newest", "oldest", and "popular" .

For a topic the original post will always be at the top - I don't see us ever changing that since it is a fundamental concept for "topics" so you understand what the topic is about. But the sorting behavior/options for the replies is certainly something we can consider.

It might be good for you to clarify whether you are looking for this to be a per user toggle on the topic (allow users to simply change the sort order on their own as they view any topic) or if you are looking for something more fixed (like having an entire forum preset to a specific sort order, etc.). 


Ted @ Crowdstack

Thanks for the lightning fast response, as usual, Ted.

I'd be happy with the OP always at the top and marked as such.

For our site, I think a "FIXED" option (ordering set by the mod) would work best. But I can imagine some other sites might want this as a user option toggle.

However it is offered, letting the user KNOW how it is ordered to display would be helpful.


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