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We have several volunteers who track and personally welcome "new premium members." They used to do that by opening the Activity Stream and seeing the announcements there but the A.S is no longer available (see my eulogy for it here).

In the meantime, how can a non-Admin volunteer with various permissions we might give them SEARCH FOR and discover who the latest premium members are?  (and see who has been registering for free as well?)

Our admins get the emails alerting us about members, but not our volunteers. They need a simple "look here" solution.

(A.S.- Forever in our hearts.)

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Hi @neil,

There is no replacement for these members to go look at a list of recent premium members in Crowdstack. The activity stream wasn't a great solution for this kind of thing, either, as the activity stream is cluttered with all kinds of other actions, too (which would make it a pain to filter through).

I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but in yesterday's release, we added support for new Premium Membership Automation Rule triggers. Your best bet probably is to set up a new role for these volunteers (e.g. "Premium Membership Monitors"). Add all of the volunteers who need to know about premium memberships to this role. Then, create Automation Rule(s) for whatever triggers you are looking for. For your scenario, I'm guessing you'd want a rule for Premium Membership Started and a rule for Premium Membership Renewed. You can set those rules up to email your "Premium Membership Monitors" role with the information about who just started/renewed their membership.

This approach will likely make the lives of these volunteers much better anyway, as they will be sent an email each time.

If you want them to be notified every time a member registers, you could set up a similar Automation Rule for new member registrations, as well.

Hope this helps!


Brian Lenz

Thx for the automation updates.

One improvement to suggest: Make %display_name% appear in the email subject field by default. After all, that is what that prefab automation rule is named and supposed to do. I set it up thinking it would automatically include the premium member’s name and figured it out later that I had to click the message variable link to include it. Easy to overlook.


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