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Video height strangeness, please explain (or is this a bug?)

I uploaded a video to a post, copied it’s url from its download link, and then embedded the video into the post using the "insert media" option from the posting toolbar and pasting the download url  (This creates a video in the post that uses the <video> tag. Whereas, Checking the “insert into post“ box during the attachment upload process creates an iframe tag.)

I used the insert media option on the toolbar  rather than the "insert the attachment" option I because I prefer the look of the video box created by the <video> tag method  .


<video> tag: mceclip1

So now here’s an issue with the insert media -generate video posting....
The default height which the insert media option provided me was 300x150 -- which is wrong. The original proportion of the video is 16:9 (1280x720 original). (I'm used to programs correcting this on their own, but apparently ours doesn't??)

So I adjusted the width code to 640 width to fit the video in the posting window, which means proportionally-speaking the video's height should be 360. HOWEVER... when set to 360, the video-play controls overlays and obscures text that appears in the video near the bottom of the video. So I had to manually set the height to 400 to keep the controls away from the bottom of the video.    Not hard, just extra step. Shouldn’t the video bar not cover the bottom of the video by default?  

Here’s the difference in appearance — at 400 the control bar is lower which is better  

360 height...

400 height...

And.... how do HIDE or remove the BLACK BORDER???

As seen in the screenshots below when I use the "insert from attachment" iframe method of posting a video, the box is black.But the video tag leaves a black border.

Video tag;



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Hi @neil,

Do you have any example URLs exhibiting the issue? Crowdstack isn't designed to use the <video> tag, so any attempts to use it are officially unsupported. You'll want to stick with the iframe approach used by the embed code, which uses Crowdstack's built-in player controls. I don't know why you're seeing different behavior with the video tag at different dimensions. If you want to stick with the unsupported <video> approach, you'll probably need to use custom CSS to change the border color/style (and you may also be able to adjust the style of the controls with CSS, too).

Hope that helps,


Brian Lenz

Yep, they can! All of those iframe controls are controlled via CSS. Note also that there is a Media Player section in the Theme settings where you can control the basic colors used by the player.

Brian Lenz

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