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We added the Google code to the header area in the back end and we got a notice in Google Adsense Admin asking if was our domain. I think the ads are not delivering because of this issue. I put in our domain name "" but since it just forwards to your domain "" Google may be denying our request. Have other partners encountered this problem and how can we fix it to get ads up on the site again. Thanks for the help.

Mark McGregor
Web Designer/Tennessee Valley Media Group


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Hi Mark,

Since we own the domain, you may not be able to do the Google AdSense validation. My best recommendation (and I would recommend this idea in general, anyway) would be to set up a custom domain name for your site. Instead of having redirect to, you can set up your DNS so Crowdstack loads directly on

You can do this in the Domain section of your Basics control panel. You'd select the Use Custom Domain -> Top-Level Domain, and then you will need to change the DNS for according to the Custom Domain Guide. You'll want to follow steps for Option A (Top-Level-Domain).

Once you've done all that and your Crowdstack loads on, then I would recommend you go back to Google AdSense and do your domain validation for, which is a domain that you own.

Hope that helps!


Brian Lenz

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