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I am so exhausted by your recent updates - they've introduced more changes that I've needed to correct than good. Here's the latest. I just noticed that what once said "Invite others to this community" in my About widget (see screenshot), now says "Invite others to this Crowdstack". Of course, few in my community even know Crowdstack supports the site, so this means nothing to people. I searched the "wording" area for an occurrence of "Invite Others to this Crowdstack" and nothing came up for me to change. But this needs to change back as soon as possible - this is how I get new members, and the call for action is now very confusing.

I beg you to slow down the rate of these sorts of "make-work" "upgrades", as they are killing me and costing me so much unexpected admin time. Thank you.

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Hi Julia, that particular wording has a variable in it, so if you search for "invite others" you'll see a phrase that's "invite others to this {0}". If you change that wording, it will update for you (you can leave out the variable in your updated wording).

I'm sorry the recent changes have impacted your workflow!

Rosemary O'Neill

You can always see the wording you've customized in Wording > Edit > Changed. We aren't able to list out every text change since there are around 45,000 words and phrases in the platform and it's just not doable. Usually, the software update announcement gives a high level summary of any key words that changed. Sorry this one wasn't called out!

Rosemary O'Neill

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