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One of our admins noticed that our page ( loads on Android Firefox with a gray triangle warning and a statement that some mixed content has been blocked.

As far as we can tell, our entire site has been https since Hoop made the change way back when. I can't identify any content that isn't; is there some way to figure out what Firefox is being triggered by, since I get a similar message in Firefox on Windows 10, but not in Chrome anywhere!


Paul Heymont
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I'm another forum, not part of the Social Strata team.


I'm using desktop Firefox. If I look at your home page I see that there's a yellow warning triangle on Mozilla's address bar signifiying that the page includes material which is not secure. That would be caused by the various affiliate pictures at the bottom being from http sites rather than https ones. That could well be the root of the problem.

El Loro
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