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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply. I attempted to delete 792 old members who had not posted from 1/1/2005 through 1/1/2016. After a while I received a second confirmation to delete window followed by an Error window with the following:

"Your request could not be completed at this time due to an unknown system error. For further assistance, please post to our support community <>.
Reference ID: 598468893823090442[79349140][940267242]29.b140.dd71591-hp01.ps003-2"

It gave a link to continue, which returned to the list of 792 members to delete.

What now?

John Smith

> On Aug 5, 2019, at 9:47 AM, Social Strata <> wrote:

Hi John,

Just as a followup, yes, we also can see that the delete didn't work.   You might be able to run it with much much smaller chunks.  Just do one delete job at a time. Don't worry that it doesn't give you a response, it'll still be running on the servers.  The process is really really slow and if you key off more than one at a time it just magnifies that.

We do have plans to improve the deletion process, but for now very small chunks are the only way to go.

I'm sorry, but for now the only other option is to hang on until we get the delete process fixed up so that it can handle larger jobs.

Dave Dreezer

What I mean is that if you start a delete job, let it run.  And give it some time to finish.  Or, put another way, don't click the button twice.  Unfortunately, it isn't going to tell you if it is running or finished. I'd do a small group, give it a day or two, see if your member count went down, then start another.  What we don't want is multiple delete jobs trying to run on top of each other. They'll never get done that way.

Dave Dreezer
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