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Hi there, 

It's my understanding that if I go to "Manage/Search Content" and select "Everything" under Content Type, the number of items that come up will only represent the items that have been posted on our main site, excluding anything in subgroups

Is there any way to identify the total # of items posted within a given time on our entire site, including within subgroups



Emma Firsten-Kaufman
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Hi, Emma:

If you had Advanced Reporting, you could simply run a report since the start of your site, and you can choose to include subgroup activity in that report.

Absent that, you'd have to run the report you referenced for the main site and then each subgroup.

I was speaking the Mary Grossutti about a plan upgrade that would have included Advanced Reporting, but the last time we spoke was mid-June.

If your team is interested again, we can re-quote you.



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