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Can't figure why, but this occasionally happens...

Sometimes a blog disappears from the queue. Sometimes it turns up when it's supposed to...but I'm too nervous to wait for Tuesday morning and find out it isn't!

Can someone please take a look for this one, which should be in my queue on TravelGumbo, to be published at 5:00 AM Tuesday?



Paul Heymont
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Here's more info:

1. The blog likely exists, but is hidden for some reason. Evidence: When I went to re-create it with the identical title, the system added -1 to the title as it does when you use one that is already assigned to a blog. (I changed the title; the new one on Petronas Towers does not include a date in the title)

2. There is a bigger problem than this: there are 25 items showing in the queue, but the queue count is 28. Therefore, there are two additional queued but not visible blogs.

This has happened before; would appreciate a fix or at least an idea of how to find what appears to not be there. Fewer heart attacks that way!


Paul Heymont
Did you do your magic? Because both the old and new versions are now visible, and the counts match.

What was it?

And thanks!


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Paul Heymont

Hi @Paul Heymont,

We actually didn't do anything to fix the issue. It must have self-corrected itself. Nevertheless, there is clearly an issue sometimes with a discrepancy between the count and the items shown in the list, so we'll be looking into identifying the issue(s) and getting them fixed!

Thanks for the thorough report with details


Brian Lenz
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