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Is the Crowdstack blog feature able to feature digital versions of our membership magazines? I'm wondering if it is adaptable to a magazine, where individual articles are collected in a digital β€œissue”. If yes, then  could we at some point in time, make those pdfs become all digital text (as opposed to scans of printed pages) and those would be SEARCHABLE as well?

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Hi Mark, I just answered a very similar question from John over in the discussion area: The short answer is yes, you'd just need to decide how you want to define an "issue." There is tagging you could use to make an index, if you will, of the articles that belong in a certain issue. Or you could set up a Blog "collection" per issue.

Either way, all of the content is searchable, including any PDFs you upload into the site (whether they are attached to a blog post or uploaded in the Resource area).

Please let me know if you have any other questions, I think this is a great idea!

Rosemary O'Neill
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Great! On our hosted website, we currently have every magazine we produced since 1951. They are all in a pdf format, so each is a fairly large file to download. It would be nice to present them in a flipbook format or similar, plus searchable. Another option would be able to have all related articles in some type of grouping (an example would be something related to paint, mechanical, or a certain model of car).

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