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At least on our site, we continue to update and improve so many of our "old" topics. Yet, their "published date" remains "old" -- in some cases more than a decade old at our site. This may hurt SEO and it can work against search/user psychology ("newer is better"). And it would be great to have truly "updated" content be treated on par with "new" content.

[This article seems to be an authoritative article on the SEO reasons why you might want to update both the content AND the publishing date or a previously posted topic, rather than re-posting the content as new. The article also says that pages with publishing dates prior to 2015 will be ignored or lower-ranked by various search bots. That true? Implications?]

So here are my suggestions:

1. It would be great if updated topics would also appear alongside "new" topics in a "New & Updated Topics" Widget (not just 'brand new' topics).

2. Would also be great if the "time stamp" info on posts was modified to reflect continuing improvements.

Change the "time stamp" coding to:
Updated: [date] By: [name]
Originally Posted: [date]

...rather than displaying as it does now: 2/01/2008

3. And importantly, the "UPDATED" date would become the new "published" date if indeed it matters to SEO.

Looking forward to your response and discussion.

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