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I've been contacted by one of our community managers who wants to have "either a widget on the side or a content stream in the middle that showed the photos from our IG or FB - just to keep things fresh." I was wondering if this has been done before or if it's even possible?

I know you can embed a singular instagram post into a widget using the embed feature on instagram. But can you embed your whole instagram/facebook page as a widget or content block so that your members could see your most recent posts?

Thanks for any input!

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Many of the social networks will provide a full embed.

Twitter, for example:

You can choose whether you want the full account feed or just a link to the account.


This (mostly free) tool helps you pull a dynamic photo feed from Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook. If you use their Pro version, it also includes custom CSS and moderation tools. You can paste their embed code into custom content blocks or custom widgets, or into the header or footer of your Crowdstack site.  Options include scrolling banners, grids, and map style.


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