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Customer Support

Customer Support

Is is possible to view old Eve Community-powered support forums?

How do I edit my eve community Terms of Service?

How do I make my Forums Summary page my default community starting point?

How do I change the look and feel of my eve community?

How do I apply different styles to different forums or sections?

How do I change my community's date and time settings?

How do I change the graphics on my community?

How do I remove the title graphic from my community?

How do I receive notifications of new registrations?

How do I require Admin approval of new registrations?

How do I customize our profile fields?

How do I add a member to a group?

How do I override a permission granted to a member via a group?

How do I disable private messaging?

How do I change Karma titles?

How do I moderate a member's posts?

How do I censor words?

How do I approve moderated content?

Why is there a difference between eve reports and google analytics

How do I set up a chat room?

How do I enable/disable UBBCode or HTML?

How do I enable or disable attachments in a forum?

How do I see the IP address of a posting author?

How do I add or remove moderators from a specific forum?

How do I add a Content Island to my site?

How do I limit access to a chat room?

How do I help a member who has forgotten her password and has no access to the email address of record?

How do I upgrade my plan?

How do I make changes to my DNS?

What is celebrity status in a chat room and how do you set it up?

Where do I change the photo upload size for photo albums?

How do I replace the Eve favicon with my own?

How can I access my database?

How can I block an IP address?

How do I link my Eve Community with Google analytics?

How can I add banner ads to my Eve community?

How do I prune private messages?

How do I download my community post file?

How do I add a custom graemlin?

How do my community members change their email address?

How do I delete all of a user's posts?

How can I stop spammers from spamming my site?

How do I embed a YouTube video in a post?