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Though supports automatic comment spam protection (on some plans), if you have a public community it may benefit you to always moderate all posts by users that have a limited track record posting to your site.  That way, you can ensure that these "newbie" posts are given a once-over before being actually published on your site.

You can handle this using's Recipe functionality. (Recipes are automated workflows for your site.)

in your admin control panel, go to Basics > Recipes and then create a new "Moderate Content" recipe.

Screenshot 2016-09-20 10.50.34

Give your recipe an appropriate name (like "Moderate Newbies") and then add a condition for "Author Post Count". We will set the condition to be "Less than 3", meaning that if the community member has less than 3 published posts, then the new post will go into our content moderation queue for review (and will not be "live" until an admin approves it).

You could use a different (or additional) condition, if you prefer, like Author Post Count, if you want to adjust your scrutiny conditions more broadly.

Screenshot 2016-09-20 10.45.26

This way, the first couple of times someone in your community posts, they will be subject to automatic review, but thereafter they will not.

It's a simple way to keep your eyes on the "new guys" until they have proven they can be trusted to post according to your site's guidelines.


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  • Screenshot 2016-09-20 10.45.26
  • Screenshot 2016-09-20 10.50.34

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Hi Deb-

Your scenario is not supported in that we would need to have a condition that checks to see if the content is submitted by email. I think that is a great idea, though, so we will consider adding that for a future release. Once we support that, you can just create a 'moderate content' recipe and set a condition for content posted by email.  You may want to post this as an idea in our support site, if you want to be notified when that is added a feature.

Ted @ Crowdstack

Is there a recipe for what we deal with?

I have posting from email on. Our forum email gets heaps of spam. treats each spam email like a new member trying to register. The post is in the moderation queue so at least nobody sees the spam.

But I wish that we could allow "posting via email" but auto decline any registration that appears to come from a first email. Any recipe for that? That would save me daily time in manually declining obvious spammers.


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