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Create an online community that supports itself.  Ask yourself the big advertise, or not to advertise...


If you're managing a community, you have a lot of different options to incorporate ads into your site.  We don't recommend that you go overboard and destroy your user experience, but ads for products that are of interest to your community can be effective, and with a large site, can bring in enough money to be worthwhile.


Here are some of the ways you can incorporate ads:


Ad service code

If you're already signed up with an ad service like Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, or Clickbank, you can place the ad code in the header, footer, standard ad slots, or a custom widget.


Using the header or footer

If you want the same ad code throughout your entire site, you can place it in the global header or footer.  Go to your control panel and click Settings > Basics.  Place the code in a custom header or footer, and you're set.


Per-forum ads

You can place different ad code for each forum, if you like.  Go to your control panel, click Forums, and edit the specific forum.  In the popup, select "override right sidebar ad in forum." A space will appear for your specific ad code.


Using the standard ad slots

Go to your control panel, click Settings > Display Options.  You'll see two different ad slots, one specifically for your Home page, and one for the right column of most other pages.  Ideally, your ad should be no wider than 300 pixels. The screenshot below shows the standard top-of-column ad slot within a home page.


Screen Shot 2012-09-18 at 10.41.24 AM


Use custom widgets

Go to the page where you want the ad to appear, and click "add widget to this page." In the popup, select "create new custom widget."  Put your code in the box, check the "is this an ad" box, and finish.  You can then drag the new widget box to your desired location on the page.


Using the "bypass ads" permission

If you have premium memberships, or if you want to make bypassing ads a perk of being an active member, you can create a permission group that has the "bypass ads" permission granted.  Those members will not see any ads that are contained in the standard ad widget or a custom widget that's marked as an ad.  (Note that if you've hard-coded ads into your header or footer, you'll need to place ##ad## at the start and end of your ads in order for them to work with the bypass ads permission).


Have you incorporated any sponsorships or ads into your community? What's working for you?



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